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What are the different types of formula?

Formula is available to buy in three different forms, ready-to-use, liquid concentrate, and powdered, so there is definitely a formula to suit you and your baby's needs. Powdered formula is the most economical and the most environmentally friendly formula option and it’s the one we stock here on Emerald Green Baby.

Powdered formula takes more time to prepare than other types of formula, and you must follow the directions exactly, and it has a one-month shelf life after the container has been opened. You mix up just the right amount whenever you need it – as much or as little as you want.

There are three different types of formula:

  • cow’s milk-based formula
  • hydrolysed protein formula
  • soya-based formula

Most common problems like spitting up, wind/gas, and colic are usually unrelated to your baby's diet and more to do with your baby's still-maturing gastrointestinal tract. We recommend that you try out a particular type of formula for at least a couple of weeks. After that, if your baby is still having trouble, talk to your paediatrician about switching to another option.

Unless there’s a health or dietary reason, it’s most likely your baby can have cow’s milk-based formula from the beginning.

Infant formula should always be prepared, used and stored as instructed on the label, in order to avoid risks to a baby’s health.

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