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Hydrolysed-protein formula

This is a formula milk which is specially designed for babies with an allergy or intolerance to cow's milk. A cow’s milk allergy will cause your baby to have difficulty digesting the lactose in the milk and cause an allergic reaction.

Hydrolysed-protein formula milks are based on cow's milk and have the same nutritional value as standard formula milk. But the protein in the milk is hydrolysed, which means it is broken down so your baby is less likely to react to it. These milks are also generally lactose-free, so babies with an intolerance to cow’s milk can digest them easily.

If you think your baby has a cow's milk allergy or intolerance, see your baby’s paediatrician. They will be able to prescribe a hydrolysed-protein formula for your baby. You can also buy special lactose-free formulas, which may be recommended if your baby has a lactose intolerance.

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