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Our Brands

Our Brands are the best in Europe

We only stock the best and most popular European brands on Emerald Green Baby. Our brands are Cow & Gate, SMA and Aptamil.

Our Brands: Cow and Gate

Cow & Gate are part of Group Danone whose mission is to deliver health through food to as many people as possible. They have been making baby formula for over 100 years in the UK and in Ireland since 1974.

Some of the Cow & Gate products we sell here on Emerald Green Baby come in EaZypack format. Cow & Gate EaZypacks are easy to open and use with one hand. They contain a measuring scoop and powder leveller inside, providing everything you need in one place.

The Cow & Gate baby formulas available on Emerald Green Baby in 900g cartons are:

  • Cow & Gate First infant milk Powder: Eazypack
  • Cow & Gate first infant milk for hungrier Babies Eazypack
  • Cow & Gate Follow-on Milk 6 months+
  • Cow & Gate growing up milk 1 yr+
  • Cow & Gate Growing Up Milk 2yr+
  • Cow & Gate Comfort
  • Cow & Gate Infasoy
  • Cow & Gate Anti-Reflux

Our Brands: SMA

SMA were established in 1911 when Dr H Gerstenberger started his work on developing a nutritious formula milk for babies which was then licensed to be sold in 1919. Their goal has always been to develop the nutrition to help babies grow healthy and strong. SMA were the first baby formula producers to introduce a whey dominant formula milk in 1961. It was so successful that others followed their lead. From 1974, SMA has been produced in Ireland, which is where Emerald Green Baby source it for you.

In 1997, SME introduce the first whey dominant, lactose-free formula. In this year, they also introduced a breast milk fortifier for preterm babies.

In 2012 they launched SMA Comfort, a milk with less lactose and smaller proteins designed to be easier to digest for babies with minor feeding problems.

The SMA baby formulas available on Emerald Green Baby in 900g cartons are:

  • Sma First Infant Milk
  • Sma Comfort Easy Digest
  • Sma Extra Hungry
  • Sma Follow On
  • Sma Toddler
  • Sma Wysoy
  • Sam Stay Down
  • Sma Lactose Free

Our Brands: Aptamil

From a small family business founded in 1921 in Friedrichsdorf, Germany, Aptamil has grown to become a world leader in infant nutrition. Aptamil is a member of Groupe Danone.

In 1954, Aptamil began a long term programme of research into the composition of breast milk. Since then, it has been our mission to learn from all the natural benefits breast milk has to offer. This resulted in Aptamil launching its first infant formula milk in Europe in 1964 called ‘Milumil’. Today, they pioneer global research and development in the field of infant nutrition – with over 250 scientists, paediatricians and nutritionists working for the benefit of babies and toddlers. Today, Aptamil is one of the top 3 infant formula providers in Ireland and the UK.

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