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Feeding a new born

Breastfeeding provides complete nutrition for newborns, but not all mothers have the ability or the wish to breastfeed. Formula products are specially designed for use in place of breast milk. Today, there are different infant formula options available to help meet the specific dietary needs of infants of all ages, including those on special diets due to health concerns or allergies. Formula milks can be whey based or casein based. Often ‘very hungry’ babies are put onto the casein based formula as this can be a more satisfying feed.

Some parents begin the introduction of solids to a baby’s diet at 4 - 6 months which is an exciting but daunting time for parents. When fruit and vegetables are first introduced, they should be sieved so that your baby doesn’t eat the fibrous part of the food. However, by six months, a puree consistency for fruit and vegetables is perfect, so a blender will produce the correct consistency from lightly cooked fruit and vegetables.

During this time, whole, fresh cow’s milk can be used in small quantities such as the milk you put on their cereal at breakfast or to correct the consistency of spoon feeds. However it should not be used as the main drink until your baby reaches one year old because its mineral content is too concentrated.

If you are using formula milk in bottles it is important to follow the instructions exactly and you should not add anything to the bottle such as rice, sugar or rusks.

Up until the age of 1 year, babies need breast milk or about 500 ml of formula milk each day, as their main drink. Give this in a way that suits your baby’s feeding habits and appetite.

Tap water, which has been boiled and cooled, can be given as a drink. Baby fruit juices and herbal drinks should not replace milk in your baby’s diet, but they can be useful especially in hot weather to quench thirst.

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